Privacy Policy


Decostar B.V. considers the protection of your personal data as highly important. This privacy statement explains how we handle information about an identified or identifiable natural person, as intended in the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

1.         Controller
The controller of the processing of personal data is the private company Decostar B.V., established on Nagelpoelweg 35 in (7333 NZ) Apeldoorn, registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 08107455, (hereinafter to be referred to as “Decostar”).


2.         Application
This privacy statement applies to the following categories of natural persons of whom Decostar processes personal data:

a.     (potential) clients

b.     visitors of www.decostar.nl

c.     recipients of the newsletters of Decostar

d.     all other persons who contact Decostar and of whom Decostar processes personal data


3.         Processing of personal data
Decostar processes personal data that:

a.    persons themselves have personally provided (during a consultation), by telephone or Internet (via e-mail or the contact form on the Internet page of Decostar), such as contact information and – depending on the nature of the situation – other personal data

b.    was generated during a visit of one of the data subjects to the Decostar website, such as the IP address, the surfing behaviour on the website (such as data concerning the first visit, last visit, and current visit, the pages visited and how one navigates through the website) or that relates to the e-mail opened by the data subject and on which parts the data subject clicks

c.     Decostar has acquired from other sources


4.         Purpose of the processing
Decostar processes personal data for the following purposes:


a.       to give advice on concluding, for example, a purchasing agreement with (potential) clients

b.       to maintain contact by way of sending a newsletter and information requested by the data subject

c.       to improve the product and service information and to carry out targeted marketing campaigns to provide clients/target groups with relevant information, without involving the necessary combination and analysis of data for this and without creating client profiles

d.       to evaluate it services as based on the evaluation forms completed by clients

e.       to improve the website www.decostar.nl

f.         to maintain the user statistics of the website www.decostar.nl


5.         Legal grounds
Decostar processes personal data as based on the following legal grounds:

a.       only with the consent of the data subject, which can be revoked at any time without this doing any detriment to the legality of the processing as based on the consent prior to revoking

b.       carrying out or aiming to conclude a purchasing agreement

c.       a justified interest, such as the use of contact information for direct marketing and/or sending of newsletters

The provision of personal data is a necessary condition for entering into an agreement with Decostar. When no personal data is provided, it is possible that no agreement can be concluded.


6.         Processors
For the processing of personal data, Decostar may engage service providers (processors) that only process data according to the instructions of Decostar. Decostar concludes processing agreement with these processors that meets the requirements imposed by the GDPR. Decostar uses a automation system that maintains its IT environment and protects and stores client information on an ERP system.


7.         Sharing personal data with third parties
Decostar only shares personal data with third parties when this is necessary to execute an agreement or to comply with the statutory obligations.

For the execution of an agreement or in order to comply with statutory obligations it may be necessary, for example, to share personal data with a transporter and/or logistical service provider or customs.

Decostar does not share personal data with third parties for commercial purposes.


8.         Cookies, or comparable techniques that we use

Decostar uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies.


A cookie is a small file that is stored by the web browser upon your first visit to the website onto your computer, tablet or smartphone. Decostar

B.V. uses cookies purely for the technical functionality. These functional cookies ensure that the website works properly and that, for example, your preferences are stored. These cookies are used to enable to the website to work properly and to optimise use.


In addition, we place cookies to store your surfing behaviour so that we can offer you customised content and advertisements. Upon your first visit to the website, we ask you for your consent for the use and placement of these cookies. You can unsubscribe for cookies by changing the settings of your Internet browser to no longer store cookies. Also, you can also delete all the information that was stored earlier via the settings in your Internet browser.


9.         Transfer beyond the EEA
In principle, Decostar does not transfer personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA). If this is necessary anyway, Decostar will ensure that the transfer will only take place if the European Commission has indicated that the country in question offers an appropriate level of protection or if there are appropriate safeguards in place regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


10.     Storage of data
Decostar does not store personal data any longer than is necessary for the 4 stated puposes.


11.     How we protect personal data
Decostar takes the protection of your personal data seriously and takes the necessary measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorised access, undesired disclosure and unjustified changes. If you feel that your data is not protected properly or if you have indications of misuse, please contact our customer service or send an e-mail to info@decostar.nl


12.     Changes to the privacy statement
Decostar reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement at all times. The changes will be published on the Decostar website. It is wise to routinely consult the privacy statement so that you will be up-to-dated on any possible changes.


13.     Rights, questions and complaints
A data subject, insofar as the law allows, has the right to request from Decostar to have access to the personal data, to revise it, to delete it, to transfer it, to limit the processing of it and to object to the processing.


The data subject can contact Decostar about this by sending an e-mail to info@decostar.nl. In order to make sure that the request for access to the data is done by the data subject themselves, we ask that you send us a copy of your identity document along with your request. We also ask that you make sure that the photo, the MRZ (machine readable zone; the bar with numbers at the bottom of your passport), the passport number and the social security number are visible.


Also if you have comments/complaints about the way Decostar processes your personal data, you can contact Decostar by sending an e-mail to info@decostar.nl. We strive to resolve all complaints until you are satisfied. If we do not succeed, you can always contact the Personal Data Authority (PDA).